Citizens of Georgia can only travel on a short-term visit to the EU / Schengen countries without a visa-free regime with the EU;

A short visit means 90 days for any 180 days.

90 days out of 180 days can be used either separately or together.

The visa-free regime permits free travel on the Schengen zone territory that includes 22 EU member countries, 4 non-member states, and  4 Schengen candidate countries. The EU member countries are Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Italia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Greece, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

Non-member countries are Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. Schengen candidates are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, and Croatia.  Great Britain and Ireland are exceptions. Visa-free travel will not apply to them

visit friends or family.
attend cultural or sports events, business meetings, for journalistic or media purposes, medical treatment,
short-term studies or training and any similar activities
Health treatment (short term)

A biometric passport

An immigration officer has a right to demand:

A return ticket.

Reservation of accommodation.

Travel insurance.

Evidence that a traveler has enough money to cover travel expenses: cash you have with you, a valid bank card, a document about financing or the letter of guarantee of a host

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