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Event tours

Many tourists have long been attracted to bright and noisy celebrations, arranged in different parts of the world.  Event tours became increasingly popular in recent years, widely regarded as an entirely new and, of course, an interesting trend in tourism. The main purpose of these tours is a visit not certain places, and - and what their name says - events. These tours are perfect for both experienced travelers, whose foot did not step except on the ice of Antarctica, as well as those whose track record is still not as extensive. The main feature of event tourism in Georgia bring to your lives bright and unique moments. Our company will give you an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time and will leave unforgettable impressions.

Rtveli in Georgia

Rtveli is grape harvest holiday and one of the oldest traditions in Georgia. To estimate importance of this event it's suffice to recall that the wine was produced there more than 8,000 years ago. Depending on the region of the country rtveli runs from late August to mid-October, so there is no specific holiday date . You can celebrate Rtveli within a month, moving from one village to another reaping harvest. Every guest to Georgia can take part in rtveli - any vineyard owner is pleased by offered help and interest in the process of birth of wine. If you want to be involved into the ancient tradition, you should learn some special words for traditional tools related to winemaking.


People from all over the country and further abroad are expected to enjoy the two-day Tbilisoba festival, which this year will showcase iconic street professions of the 19th Century. The event will also host several outdoor concerts of traditional music and dancing, flea markets and a whole raft of other cultural events. Visitors can also sample traditional wine and food. Tbilisoba traditionally celebrated the rich history of Georgia’s capital and showcased a range of dance styles and music.

New Year & Christmas in Georgia

New Year - a wonderful celebration that brings into our lives a piece of magic and gives little miracles. Traditional celebrations in family circle are sometimes boring, that’s why we offer to meet New Year in a different way - in Georgia! Let us take care of your New Year's trip to Georgia, make vary your life and refill it with pleasant, bright and memorable experience, give joy to both you and your family!

Springtime in Georgia

It is best to travel to Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia during the spring months, when the weather is not too hot, nor too cold. There may be frequent rainfall during the latter months of spring, so you’re advised to pack rain gear along with the rest of your luggage, just in-case.

Travel Agency in Georgia

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