Batumi City Tour and Gonio Fortress

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Batumi City Tour and Gonio Fortress

Batumi is the city which easily makes visitors fall in love with it, as it possesses a real certain unique charm and
exceptional beauty. The history of Batumi is very closely connected not only with the history of Adjara, but with
the history of the whole Caucasus. It is the most popular sea resort of the country.

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During the city tour, you will walk around the stunning seaside park – Batumi Boulevard (1881) featuring various gardens, a huge collection of plants, a variety of art installations and sculptures, promenade and cafes. Among other works of art, Batumi Boulevard is home to famous moving sculpture “Ali and Nino” – telling a tragic love story of a Georgian princess and Azerbaijani Muslim man, and Alphabet Tower – the only monument dedicated to Georgian unique alphabet. Other attractions include Old Batumi beautiful narrow streets, Batumi Piazza – beautiful square of Italian Architecture, Batumi Sea Port, Batumi Dolphinarium and Europe Square with the iconic sculpture of Medea of Colchis. Visiting Khariton Akhvlediani State Museum and explore 169108 pieces of art, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, arms, manuscripts.

Departure to Gonio Fortress located within 15 km. distance from Batumi close to the Turkish border. This ancient fortress with the oldest reference in I c. AD was a strategically important Roman city with its hippodrome and theatre in II c. AD. Later it came through Byzantine and Ottoman influences. Gonio-Apsaros museum preserves valuable artifacts and at the same time is an important cultural events venue.

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